Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cover Reveal: Cuffs by Georgie Tyler

Georgie Tyler

Romance/erotica, Romantic suspense
46k / Momentum Publishing Pan MacMillan

It only takes one wrong turn to change your life forever.

Witnessing a murder was not on Lacey Maples’s agenda for the evening. Neither was being spotted, caught and cuffed to a cement mixer. So when the perpetrator tries to convince her he’s protecting her, she’s far from convinced. Especially when she sees the twinkle in his eye.

For Alex Petrov, Lacey is a major glitch in an otherwise perfect plan. While his motives are pure, he can’t allow Lacey to interfere before the drug deal goes down in two days’ time, least of all by getting herself killed.

If Alex could reveal his plans to her, he would, but it would only make her position more dangerous. And he’s rapidly discovering he would do almost anything to protect her.

The operation is at stake. That’s all that matters. Lives hang by a thread. And sometimes, when lives hang in the balance, people do the craziest things.

About the Author:
Romance is what I read.   Romance is what I write.   Romance is what I love.
A mother of three busy children and an English teacher wasn’t enough of a workload for me, a suburban housewife from Sydney, Australia. I wanted more. I wanted to be an author. For many years I thought it was pie in the sky dreaming until one day I sat my butt down and began to write. Really write.
It’s been a steep learning curve at times but with the support of my loving husband and children, family and friends along with the readers who have joined me on this journey, I’m having way too much fun to ever stop!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ROAR with this new release from @TL_Reeve ~ CRAVING CAMEO

Craving Cameo
The Pullman Shifters/Decadent Roar
TL Reeve

The daughter of the Sentinels pack and MC Alpha, Cameo Cruz moved across country to escape her pack—and the wolf she can never have. Making a new life, she embraced her freedom and went to school. One partying night with her best friend shatters her bubble of safety, and she’s forced to do the one thing she swore she never would…ask for help.

 Quade Rainwater lives for his pack and the life the Sentinels Alpha gave him when he took him in. He’d do anything for them, even cut himself off from the she-wolf he’s loved for as long as he’s known her. When all hell breaks loose and someone puts a bounty on his girl, Quade will cross the country to protect her. Unfortunately for him, he’s the last person she wants to see. All he has to do is keep her safe from the bounty hunters, the locals, and himself….

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How it all began….

Cameo and Quade are very near and dear to my heart. I have to admit, I never intended for Cameo to be a college kid. I always saw her as a prideful young woman who didn’t want her father’s money and didn’t want his life. Nor the life he would eventually choose for her. She had her best friend Felicia, and they lived together out in the middle of nowhere to keep off the radar. But, there was a bounty out for her. One several men had decided was too good to pass up. 

In the beginning, the book was raunchy to the nth degree. Quade is a very crude man. He saw what he wanted and he took it. But, he never gave Cameo the time of day. In some ways, he put her up on a pedestal to look at from a far, but never touch. Not that he didn’t crave her, he did. For Cameo, Quade represented the life she wanted to leave behind. The life she wanted nothing to do with. 

I honestly can say, from the very beginning, Cameo and Quade were oil and water, they didn’t mix well. For the life of me, I couldn’t pin her down—never mind him. Where she pushed back against conformity, he didn’t have the faith to take that leap and tell her what he desired. So, I put the story down…did I mention they were humans? 

*Grins* they were.

I worked on several projects in between the time I started Cameo and Quade’s story, and when I picked it back up. Then, one night, I saw a promo for True Blood and I believe a season two box set. It showed a bar and the wolves and I thought…Ah-Ha! Success. But, I still had issues with the story that I had to work out. 

When the first of the ROAR books began to be released, and I read Mischief Mongrels and Mayhem and Phoenix Rising, and I knew I wanted to be a part of the series.
So, I reinvented Cameo and Quade.

Cameo became an early 20-something college student. Her and her father have a good relationship, even if she didn’t want to take over for him or want the same life as him. Felicia is still her best friend and they attend Washington State University. And on the day the story begins, Fe is looking for an adventure, one her and Cameo will never forget. 

Quade still works for Cameo’s father, Drake Cruz, Alpha and President of the Sentinels. He’s an enforcer and would do everything for Cameo, but he keeps himself apart from her. He knows she is his mate, but he won’t give into the pull. He’s loyal to a fault when it comes to Drake, and he is also twelve years older than Cameo, which is a big obstacle his has to overcome. But, one call from 555-ROAR and he’s trying to keep himself apart from the old feelings which creep up between them.

How will our unlikely duo fair? 
Well, you’ll just have to read Craving Cameo to find out.

Author Bio:
TL Reeve, a mulit-published author with Decadent Publishing, Cobblestone Press and Evernight Publishing, was born out of a love of family and a bond that became unbreakable. Living in the south, TL misses Los Angeles and will one day return to the beaches of Southern California to ride the waves at Huntington Beach. When not writing something hot and sexy, TL can be found curled up with a good book, or working on homework with a cute little pixie.