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Cover Reveal: DON'T CALL ME IRON MAN by N.D. Wylders

-Please welcome an AWESOME cover reveal from N.D. Wylders

So to make this a little more interesting than just showing off my sexy cover and giving you a quick snippet from my new upcoming release from Decadent, I thought I’d give you some fast five’s at each blog who is featuring my new shiny cover. That way you get to know a bit about the crazy characters and the fantastic world of Sisera that is featured in Don’t Call Me Iron Man.  And for this stop you’re going to get a quick glimpse into behind the scenes of creating this particular Beyond Fairytale based on the Grimms tale, Iron John

Fast Five about the Process:
1.  The author wasn’t familiar with the tale.
2.  She plotted out the story during a short story class she took with Angela Knight.
3.  She spent hours talking to a lifestyle submissive about certain aspects of the mating ritual.
4   She poured over piercings for hours.
5.  And she also used a latin dictionary to come up with the Siserian items. 

Once upon a time...there was this guy. A man who had an IQ out of this world and was arrogant enough to give the legendary Tony Stark a run for his money. He had everything he could ever want - a good job, more money than he knew what to do with, and all the sex he wanted - no strings attached. But that all changed on one fateful night...
The last thing Ivan Chugunov expected when he dropped by his favorite haunt for a few brews was to be entertained by a mysterious storyteller. But as he listened to the man's tale of a prince and an oddity that went by the name of Iron John, he found himself lost in the story...only to awaken in another realm - one with a quest - for him. Repair the purifier vital to all those who lived and retrieve a medical unit. Seemed simple enough and a small enough price to pay to return to his own realm. Well, until he finds out that said 'LT-1789 unit' is actually a reclusive cybernetic man. One who will demand his own price of Ivan - three nights of unbridled sexual bliss...with Ivan at his mercy. Only then will he return to the royal clutch. Can Ivan, a man who relishes control above all else, submit to a man who may be more machine than human?


Lucero laid his toys out on the stand next to his bed as Ivan shifted against the bedding. Sprawled out like a feast fit for a king with his arms secured to the headboard and his thick thighs tied apart with enough room for Lucero to move, Ivan’s body glistened in the faint candlelight. Just seeing Ivan naked and at his mercy made his dick hard. Tonight would not be the night he claimed Ivan, but he would make the man wish he had.
“Lucero?” Ivan licked his lips, his blue eyes seeking his.
“Yes?” He sat down next to him and brushed a lock of Ivan’s hair back.
“Do I have to call you ‘master’?”
Lucero tried to judge if Ivan found the idea abhorrent or not. He cocked his head. “Call me what you want. If it’s Master, fine. If not, Lucero will do.” He leaned down and traced his tongue over the seam of Ivan’s lips. “I don’t care what comes from this sexy mouth.” He pulled back and gave Ivan a mock scowl. “Unless of course it’s to call me by that damned scientific name and number. That will earn you an ass warming you won’t forget, understand?” He squeezed Ivan’s hip for emphasis.
“Yes, sir.” Ivan squirmed, longing etched across his face.
“Good.” Twisting at the waist, Lucero snagged the squat jar he’d put the ardentem in. “Much like the tactus, the dolore voluptatem is a sacred part of our mating ritual. Tonight, I will use a variety of things, each designed to create a different sensation, to show you the way of what we call ‘pleasured pain’.” He unscrewed the jar, setting the lid aside. The scent of citrus filled the air. Dipping his index finger into the cool substance, he coated it then pulled it free. “This particular oil comes from the ardentem plant. It is rather cool when applied.” Lucero drew a long line across the top of Ivan’s chest. “But it has this remarkable ability to change under the right conditions.” Leaning in, he breathed on the smear.
“Holy shit!” Ivan tossed his head back, the muscles in his arms flexing as he jerked on the cords binding him to the bed. “It burns.”

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