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Hero Character Interview w/ SEEKER from Hunter @SHendersonbooks @evernightteen #PNR #YA @romanceretweet #amazongiveaway

Hello. My name is Seeker and I’m happy to answer your questions today.

How did you first meet your writer?
I met my writer while on a job in San Diego. We were trying to track down a young telepath who was giving us some trouble. We did have to sedate her, but I took care of it.

Did you ever think that your life would end up being in a book?
If you would have asked me a few months ago, I would have said no, but now that the secret about telepaths is out, the world needs to know what happened in the PIT (Psychic Intelligence Team).

What are your favorite scenes in your book: the action, the dialog or the romance?
There’s some off the wall action in my book.  Some gun play and hand to hand combat. I did run my car into some jerk, unfortunately he survived.

Did you have a hard time convincing your author to write any particular scenes for you?
The end of the book was pretty hard. I don’t really want to talk about it, but let’s just say I would do anything for my fellow telepaths. 

What do you like to do when you are not being actively read somewhere?
I love to be out in nature. Hiking, fishing, and camping. With all the noise seeping into my head from people around me, I love to go where there are a limited amount of voices to bother me.

If you could rewrite anything in your book, what would it be?
I wouldn’t change anything. My life has been spent helping telepaths find a safe haven. I don’t regret the decisions that I’ve made that lead me to this place. If I had to I would do it all over again.

What do you do for a living?
I work for the PIT (Psychic Intelligence Team) a subsidiary of the FBI. We track down rogue telepaths, or use our gifts to assist the FBI in tracking down fugitives. 

What are you proudest of?
Saving Hunter from Talon. She didn’t deserve to be discarded like she was. She’s a good kid and will become a valued member of the PIT someday.

What do you find most appealing in men/women?
I like my women sure of themselves and strong. They need to be able to take care of themselves when the poo hits the wall.

Would you ever use a voodoo doll to hurt anyone?
I don’t need too, I can read their mind. Can you imagine what I can find in there?

How do you react when people sing “Happy Birthday” to you in a restaurant?
I tend to know when people are planning on singing me Happy Birthday, which helps in avoiding awkward situations.

Have you ever gone alone to either dinner or a movie? What about a vacation?
Doing things alone is one of my favorite things to do. I have plenty of company in my head.

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by Sarai Henderson
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Suspense
Evernight Teen / 56K

Sixteen-year-old Hunter belongs to the Telepathic Alliance for the Latent or Newly manifested, otherwise known as Talon, a bounty hunter community known for their ruthless tactics. Her latest mission in San Diego was supposed to be a piece of cake, but when the job takes a treacherous and deadly turn, not even her telepathic abilities could have warned her of the dangers lurking around the corner.

There is only one place for Hunter to go, and that is straight into the hands of the government and their Psychic Intelligence Team, but even the “normal” world isn’t safe. With each passing hour throwing her deeper into the game of life and death, Hunter must decide who to trust before this mission becomes her last.

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14+ due to adult situations

I pulled my hood up over my head as the rain began to pour from the skies and bounce off the sidewalk in a serene rhythm. My hands were shaking from the adrenaline that surged through my body. The hunt never got old. “All right, Bear. I’m in pursuit of the mark. Get ready.”
“About time, slow poke.” He chuckled to himself, but I wasn’t amused. Dawn had put me in a bad mood and it would take a while for it to wear off. If only he was close enough to punch, maybe I would feel better.
The sidewalk turned a corner sending me into a crowded marketplace where the people bumped shoulders more often than not. The smell of fish hit me like a ton of bricks making me crinkle my nose in disgust. There was nothing I hated more than seafood. Well, maybe large cities with all the loud voices in my head, but fish was a close second.
I dug my hands deep into my jeans pockets to keep them from shaking. Anxiety from listening to the varied streams of consciousness coursed through my body. I had to concentrate.
Dawn’s presence was moving closer through the crowd, I could feel it. Her thoughts told me that she didn’t like fish much either but this was where her contact had told her to meet him. My heart skipped a beat with the mention of another person around, possibly a telepath. Great, we didn’t have much time.
“Bear,” I shouted into the com. “She’s here to meet someone and it sounds like they’re going to send her into hiding. I need you close by. This is happening now.”

About our Author:
Sarai Henderson is a retired ballerina from Oregon City, Oregon, where she spends most her time chasing down her three rambunctious boys and writing on her lunch break at work. She enjoys DIY projects, Photography and writing on her blog about life as a mother of an autistic son. 

Social media links:
Twitter: @Shendersonbooks

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